Facts aboutExpo Partner

Total supplier of exhibition solutions since 2002

Individually designed solutions

Danish design and quality

35 dedicated employees

10.500 m2 of buildings with a location in Viborg

Collaboration with trade companies in the United States, Europe and Canada


We embrace sustainability

At Expo Partner, we care about sustainability. We have taken several steps already to embrace sustainability at a greater scale.

We focus on reducing weight on cargo for less CO2 emissions, using less electricity e.g. on LED lamps, renting out rather than producing and buying, doing more CSR for our local community, and providing better working conditions for our employees…

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Expo Partner, CSR - Bæredygtighed

Aluminum frames

We’ve chosen to use aluminum frames as the skeleton in our exhibition stands. They are produced by recycled aluminum at a factory running on energy from solar panels. They are much stronger than wood and can be reused a much higher number of times. They weigh approximately half of wooded frames which are better not only for our employees to lift, but also on freight for less CO2 emissions.

Aluminum plates

Mostly we cover our aluminum frames with aluminum plates. Choosing the aluminum plates over mdf plates we cut down weight – and freight – with more than 50%. We print directly on the plate, so we don’t use a lot of paint, foil, lacquer etc. The thickness of a plate is 2,5 mm. Approximately 2 mm of the core contains of reduced plastic covered by a thin layer of reduced aluminum. We store them for our customers to be used several times. Once they’re no longer required for use, we send them for recycle and they are torn apart to be used again; both plastic and aluminum.

LED lights

We decided to invest in all new LED lamps, which are better on several reasons. They give a much stronger, but pleasant light, therefore the customer might only need 3 lamps compared to 7-8 halogen lamps previously. Using less lamps, they also take up less space… which again, less freight. It also requires less time for the fitters to hang the lamps, which are also noticeable on the bill. LED lamps won’t heat up your exhibition stand! Which -trust us -are better for you for an entire day. Finally, the LED lamps only use a fraction of energy compared to other lamps.

Your partner all the way.

We put the customer first through planning, preparation and follow-up of your trade show, and will be your unique and innovative partner. Throughout the process, our team will be in close dialogue with you and ensure that we achieve the best results.

Since 2002 Expo Partner has been total supplier of individual exhibition stands based on Danish design and quality at its best. We appreciate being your innovative partner before, during and after your exhibition. We work across borders and industries and deliver your exhibition stand throughout the world.

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